For a beautiful Lawn

Lawn Aeration


Healthy soil, healthy lawn

Half-inch diameter plugs of thatch and soil are pulled from the ground during this process, allowing for better oxygen, water, and nutrient soil penetration which will promote a deeper, healthier root system. The “cores” are left on the surface of our lawn and will break down after a couple of weeks, recycling more nutrients back down into the soil.

Weed Control: Weeds in the landscape distract from your appearance. Our mowing technicians will control your weeds. Depending on if you want to have them spot sprayed or pulled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly base.


What we do

Trim Around Trees & Shrubs

Assistance with pruning, trimming, weed control & general lawn care.

Cut & Mulch
or Bag

Mulching, edging, & annual flowerbed services


Blow off debris, gutter clean outs, snow removal & more!

Are you ready to get started on your project?

Let us know! We can help bring any vision to life and offer a variety of maintenance plans to help you manage your property and keep it looking beautiful all year round. Whether you’re looking for assistance mowing or want to beautify your space- Kinsmen Lawn are the experts for you. 



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