4 Tips to Help You Maintain a Healthy Lawn

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a suburbanite than having the worst lawn in the neighborhood. Regardless of if your lawn is a dry, desolate Saharan atmosphere or more of an unkempt, overgrown jungle, it is hardly something you can brag to the Joneses about. Luckily, we have four easy, proven tips to ensure that your lawn can stay healthy, beautiful, and the true envy of your neighbors. 

1: Take Care Of Bare Spots

Having grassless patches spread around your lawn is one of the most easily recognizable and visible issues a homeowner can have. In order to replace these spots with the verdant grass the rest of your lawn has, you will need to use an aerator to break up the compacted soil. Afterward, you can spread grass seed over the patches and cover it with a small layer of fresh topsoil. Water this regularly to help it flourish and the bald spots should be healed in time. 

2: Make Sure You Use Your Lawn Mower Properly

If you are not making much headway in your lawn care, it is possible that the problem is actually the lawnmower you use. People often forget that a lawn mower is a machine with its own requirements that need to be maintained. For one, the blade needs to be regularly sharpened in order to cut through the grass effectively. Additionally, the blade needs to be set at the proper height in order to work properly. It should be set so that it cuts down the top third of the grass; the clippings at this height will decompose easily and add nitrogen to your lawn, making it healthier in its own right. 

3: Consistently Weed Your Lawn

This step is a matter of personal care and attention that a homeowner needs to devote to his or her lawn. If the number of weeds that populate your lawn is fairly manageable, you can simply pull them up by hand or with a tool such as a garden hoe. For someone just starting out with lawn maintenance, the density of weeds in your lawn might be too much to make physically taking care of them feasible. In this case, a chemical option would be preferable as long as you’re able to ascertain the exact type of weed that you’re dealing with. Once that’s done, just apply the herbicide as instructed and let it take care of the rest! 

4: Water Your Grass

We all know about the critical importance of staying hydrated during times of heat, but getting enough water is just as important for your lawn. This can be an especially big problem during the summer months when temperatures can become extreme and even lead to droughts. Having a sprinkler system can seriously aid you in keeping your lawn consistently hydrated and looking great. 

By ensuring that you follow these four steps, you will create a solid basis for having a beautiful, well-maintained lawn that is the talk of the neighborhood. Naturally, however, there are more essential tips and tricks to lawn care than can be listed in these five steps.

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