5 Ways to Care for Your Lawn This Winter

With the first snowflakes of the season already falling, there is no arguing winter is almost here. With winter comes cold temperatures, lots of frosts, and other weather that doesn’t offer much relief to your dormant lawn. To prevent your lawn from laying grey this spring, check out these 5 ways to care for your lawn, even in the winter months. 

1. Be aware of traffic

Much like warmer months, areas of your lawn with high traffic can become brown and worn down. Although this may not seem bad in the winter, this can cause those areas to stay worn down and less vibrant in the spring and summer months. To help keep your entire lawn in its best health, try to wear the grass as evenly as possible when walking on it. 

2. Stay off the ice 

While keeping traffic to a minimum is important, no traffic on your lawn is even better. If you have a walkway or path that cuts through your lawn, use it! Simple salt it to shovel any snow during the winter and make a habit of not crossing your lawn, especially when ice or snow is packed on top of it.

3. Keep raking 

If your lawn hasn’t yet seen snow but some pesky fall leaves are still hanging around, be sure to rake them! By raking this leaves, you’re eliminating build-up and helping your lawn breathe. Removing leaves can also help reduce rodents burrowing in piles for warmth. 

4. Remove furniture and branches

Does your lawn still have furniture or toys laying out on it from the fall? It’s time to put them away. Store the furniture in a shed or garage, if possible, and be sure to pick up downed tree branches and other debris, too. These items compress your lawn, ultimately making it more difficult to revive in the spring. 

5. Start planning for the spring

It is never too early to develop a gameplan for the spring. Whether it’s stocking up on fertilizers and seed in the winter (you can often get these out-of-season products on sale then, too!) or doing research on a lawn company you want to call out once the snow has stopped, preparation is always a good idea. 

If you’re interested in lawn care services or have other questions about winter care, feel free to reach out to Kinsmen Lawn! We’re always happy to help and offer answers to your questions. 

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